The partners of Bunker started to work in the early 1990’s on the CHIO in Aachen, Germany developing it from an important horse show to the globally most significant Equestrian Event. Today it enjoys an annual attendance of more than 300,000 spectators.

Introducing new corporate hospitality concepts, innovative and valuable packaging of all advertising and promotional opportunities, the commercial foundation for the success of the CHIO in Aachen, which included the World Equestrian Games held in 2006, was laid. Major sponsors such as Mercedes-Benz, AachenMünchener Insurance, Mitsubishi Electric, the fashion house Hermès as well as the Crown Jewellers Garrard enhanced the events. This created a platform which other premium brands such as Rolex, Warsteiner, and many others would use to promote their respective products and services at the CHIO in Aachen.

Chio Aachen - marko ginster location